Fresh Frozen Nutritional Ready Meals

Fresh Frozen Nutritional Ready Meals


The Facts about Fresh Frozen Nutritional Ready Meals

Frozen food delivery is increasingly on the rise , and with good reason: according to a recent study by the University of Hamburg and the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, frozen food retains important vitamins and nutrients over a longer period of time than fresh or chilled meals.

The scientists found that the vitamin C content of frozen food stored at minus 18 degrees after a year is still at 80%. However, food kept in the refrigerator, goes down to about 60% of vitamin C lost after just a few days.

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Black Pepper Beef. Fresh Frozen Ready Meal

Furthermore, the study comes to the conclusion that frozen vegetables, like fresh vegetables, can lower the risk of cancer and strengthen the immune system. In a refrigerator, more than 40% of the essential nutrients that reduce the risk of cancer are lost after a few days.

Since time and temperature are the main enemies of freshness, it is clear to the nutritionists that:


  • Frozen Ready Meals are better than fresh because they are fresh when they are frozen.
  • Frozen meals are always in optimal condition,
  • Super fast snap freezing process ensures that meals are as fresh and tasty as the day they were prepared.
  • Snap Freezing allows a manufacturer not to use preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, E-numbers  or sweeteners.
  • Companies that fresh local high quality ingredients in the creation of their frozen ready meals offer the best products for you the consumer.
  • Ingredients that are responsibly sourced and purchased from a local and sustainable source are generally better for you as well as the local economy and environment.
  • Being able to demonstrate the origin of your ingredients leads to an increase in overall standards..
  • Nutritional content, taste, consistency and great looking meals are important to your every day health, nutrition and well being.


Great Food Made Simple work to these exacting standards to ensure that our fresh frozen ready meals exceed your expectations time after time. We are an approved food manufacturer working towards BRC accreditation.

If for any reason you are not happy with our products please just our Sales Director Contact Chris Fry and he will arrange a replacement.