Private Label Ready Meal Manufacturing Exeter

Great Food Made Simple offer a Bespoke Ready Meal Manufacturing service. This is  also refereed to as Private Label Ready Meal Manufacturing Exeter

Research & Development (R&D). From initial client concept to a production ready product.
This as always starts with a discussion about your needs and requirements.

Our Creative Director & Co owner Reggie Brown will be delighted to discuss your needs in detail with you and complete a through Research & Development exercise that involves recreating your ideas into a perfect meal ready for production. We would love to invite you up to our production kitchens to discuss your requirements. Generally the process takes 2-3 months from concept to meals rolling off the production line. Great food can’t be rushed the slower the cooking the better the taste.

In general the Dish Development process is a bit like this:
Creating a New Dish (R&D)

Creating a New Dish (R&D)


  • Consultation
  • Draft 1 menu / dish design
  • Consultation
  • Draft 2
  • Presentation & tasting
  • Dish Tweaking
  • Representation & agreement
  • Trial / sample run
  • Agreement
  • Shelf LifeTesting
  • Tweaking and retesting if required
  • Labeling, Artwork & Sleeve Design
  • Agreement & Contract




Our aim is to always produce the high quality product you want for your business. Its that simple.

Private Label Ready Meal Manufacturing  - Xmas Dinner

Private Label Ready Meal Manufacturing – Xmas Dinner

  • Research & Develop
  • Trial & test
  • Manufacture
  • Deliver direct
  • From our kitchen to your table
  • Capability – 5000 meals per shift


Chef made meals from Great Food Made Simple. We use only fresh local ingredients in the production of our food. We make meals the old fashioned way using Chefs not machines so the quality always shines through. Many of our meals are Gluten Free and Dairy free simply because of the way we make meals. Properly. No numbers, artificial colors or preservatives, Meals with high nutritional content that taste and look great. We are an approved food manufacturer with a CE mark – we are currently working to a strict HACCP and are shortly to attain BRC accreditation.

Private Label Ready Meal Manufacturing Exeter

Bespoke Production